Forty-four suspected Boko Haram aggressors in Chad have kicked the bucket in confinement from obvious harming, the nation’s open investigator says.

The men were a piece of a gathering of 58 suspects caught during an ongoing significant armed force activity against the Islamist bunch around Lake Chad.

An examination has been propelled after four dissections indicated a deadly substance had prompted their demises.

The equity serve disclosed to AFP the detainees had not been abuseed.

Djimet Arabi was reacting to claims that the detainees were put in a solitary cell and given no nourishment or water after their exchange to the capital, N’Djamena, on Tuesday.

Who are Boko Haram?

The military hostile was propelled after jihadists killed about 100 Chadian soldiers on 23 March during a seven-hour assault on an island base in Lake Chad.

It was the deadliest assault on the Chad’s military by Boko Haram since their rebellion spread over the outskirt from Nigeria quite a while back.

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Lake Chad, encompassed by Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria and Niger, is an immense territory to police

The detainees, who were being held as a major aspect of an enemy of psychological oppression examination, had been discovered dead on Thursday morning, open examiner Youssouf Tom said.

“Forty of them were covered and the other four were taken to a pathologist, whose report uncovered that a deadly substance was devoured, prompting heart issues in a few and serious suffocation among others,” he declared on state TV on Saturday.

Mr Arabi affirmed to the AFP news office that examinations were progressing: “Was it aggregate suicide or something different? We’re despite everything searching for answers.”

One prisoner, who was taken to clinic on Thursday, had recouped and rejoined the other 13 detainees who were “still alive and doing quite well”, the equity serve included.

The military has said its eight-day activity to flush out aggressors from safehouses on the islands of Lake Chad was effective.


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