ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office on Friday communicated its anxiety over offer of Harpoon Block II Air Launched Missiles from United States to India.

During a week by week instructions at the Foreign Office, the Spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said that the offer of such rocket frameworks, alongside specialized help and strategic help when there is a worldwide exertion to battle the pandemic is especially upsetting.

She said that Pakistan has explained its interests in regards to the offer of modern weapons to India which would additionally destabilize the district.

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“Pakistan has cautioned the global network ordinarily about India’s forceful structures towards Pakistan as well as towards other neighboring nations in South Asia.”

She said that offer of the weapons would destabilize the effectively unstable circumstance in South Asia. There is a high chance of India leading a bogus banner activity while worldwide endeavors are coordinated towards fighting the pandemic, the outside office said.

Bringing up towards truce infringement from neighboring most outstanding adversary, the outside office representative said that Indian powers submitted more than 765 truce infringement bringing about affliction of three regular people just as genuine wounds to 54 honest regular citizens.

“In 2019, India disregarded the truce understanding 3351 times,”she said adding that Pakistan keeps on reacting to Indian contentiousness in a firm and dependable way.

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Aisha Farooqui while dismissing a US Commission’s report on disavowal of nourishment help to minorities and said that it did not depend on realities and appears to have depended on erroneous sources.


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