Spoilers ahead for Too Hot to Handle. Netflix’s new dating demonstrate Too Hot To Handle has ended up being actually what unscripted television fans wherever required in lockdown. Fortunately shot before the COVID-19 pandemic, the show united 14 very hot singles to a delightful estate with the possibility of winning $100,000. Shooting for Too Hot To Handle rapped a year ago and fans have been interested concerning what the cast have been up to since. All in all, what’s Kelz from Too Hot To Handle doing now? He’s cemented himself as a fan most loved and the one keeping his cast mates in line. What’s more, he’s been hobnobbing with the elites of UK unscripted television since.

The reason of Too Hot To Handle is sufficiently basic — contenders have the chance to leave with $100,000. All they need to do it keep their hands off each other. That implies no kissing and unquestionably no sexual action.

Six-foot-six Kelz Dyke indicated some genuine self control during his time in the Too Hot To Handle estate. Truth be told, he really esteemed himself the estate “bookkeeper,” which means he was watching out for the gathering’s ways of managing money.

Tragically, Dyke didn’t discover an affection coordinate on the show and subsequent to shooting finished, he came back to London. Be that as it may, it would appear there’s no purpose behind him to worry. Before the COVID-19 lockdown, he was celebrating with unscripted television eminence.


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