MUZAFFARABAD: A multiparty meeting (MPC) hung on the greeting of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider on Wednesday tossed its weight behind measures upheld by the legislature to contain the pandemic in the locale.

As per a joint assertion gave toward the finish of the MPC in Kashmir House, Islamabad, the members communicated their trust in all the means taken so far by the [AJK] government to control the viral infection in its directed zone, naming them “convenient and result-situated”.

The members likewise consented to the “standard working methodology” (SOPs) gave by the legislature in conference with the petition chiefs and strict researchers for revisions in the request for columns just as places of the steadfast during supplications in mosques during Ramazan.

The members consented to proceed with the prohibition on between commonplace and intra-locale development, notwithstanding supporting the proposed business hours and SOPs for processing plants and markets to reestablish monetary movement.


They likewise set out to consider the issues just as practicable proposals of the business network.

The members further concurred with the proposed arrangement of the administration in regards to the AJK nationals returning or showing up from outside nations.

Held Kashmir

The MPC communicated worry over the circumstance in held Kashmir, especially after Aug 5, and called upon the universal network to prevent India from taking advantage of the circumstance over the globe in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“India-involved Kashmir has been under a loathsome lockdown and concealment of all political and metro rights since Aug 5 a year ago … During this period India has held up a great many Kashmiris, for the most part adolescents, behind famous jails and has been restoring non-Kashmiris in the contested domain in the wake of correcting the citizenship law to change the demography of the Muslim lion’s share state. The last advance has been shamelessly taken when the world everywhere is centered around containing the pandemic. This warrants dire consideration and mediation of the United Nations, P5 countries and part conditions of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation,” the revelation said.


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