A Chinese columnist who was pursued and afterward kept in Wuhan – the focal point of the nation’s infection flare-up – has returned after just about two months.

Li Zehua communicate the pursuit and his detainment by police on 26 February, and had not been seen freely since.

On Wednesday he distributed a video saying he went through about fourteen days in “isolate” in Wuhan, trailed by more isolate in his old neighborhood.

He was told the isolate was required as he’d been to “touchy zones”.

Who is Li Zehua?

Li Zehua is a resident writer who went to Wuhan in February, after another columnist, Chen Qiushi, disappeared. In his first video from Wuhan he clarified why we was there.

“Before I entered Wuhan, a companion who worked in the Chinese predominant press let me know… all the awful news about the pestilence has been gathered by the focal government.

“The nearby media can just report the uplifting news about the patients’ recuperation, etc. Obviously, it stays dubious whether that is valid, in light of the fact that this is exactly what I got notification from my companions.”

His accounts incorporated a supposed concealment of contaminations, and a bustling crematorium. They were watched a great many occasions on Chinese stages, YouTube, and Twitter.

What occurred on 26 February?

In the new video, Li Zehua, who is believed to be 25, said he was driving in Wuhan when individuals in another vehicle advised him to stop.

Rather than halting, he accelerated, saying he was “befuddled” and in “dread”. He was pursued and traveled for 30km [19 miles], with part of the excursion transferred to YouTube with the title “SOS”.

He showed up at his settlement and started live-spilling before “a few” individuals in police or security garbs thumped on a close by entryway.

Why have two columnists in Wuhan vanished?

He killed the light and sat quietly while the officials thumped on different entryways, and in the end his. He disregarded them yet after three hours they thumped once more.

He opened the entryway and was taken to a police headquarters, where he had fingerprints and blood tests taken, before being taken to a “cross examination room”.

He was told he was “associated with upsetting open request”, yet was told there would be no punishment.

Be that as it may, in light of the fact that he had been to “touchy scourge regions”, he would should be isolated.


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