Sovereign William and Stephen Fry united on Thursday night for an unexpected parody production during the BBC’s The Big Night In. The show, in a joint effort with Comic Relief and Children In Need, was assembled to fund-raise for the battle against Covid-19 and facilitated various famous people doing their bit to engage the country, yet it was the Duke of Cambridge and Stephen Fry’s Blackadder sketch that had fans in attacks of snickers.

The Duke of Cambridge, who is a fanatic of Blackadder, made jokes about himself on a zoom call with Fry, who repeated the job of Lord Melchett for the event, before joining his youngsters and the Duchess in a national “applaud carers”.

The short sketch, which was shot at Anmer Hall where the Duke and Duchess are self-confining with their kids, was composed by Richard Curtis, who wrote the first TV program and is the author of Comic Relief.

Pacing the floor trusting that the Duke will go along with him on the call, Fry made jokes about illustrious legacy as he mumbled: “I suspected Germans were intended to be timely,” and asked how self-teaching was going at the regal family unit.

“Somewhat of a bad dream truly,” said Prince William, before Melchett offered to assist with spelling or history, including he was “not all that terrible at lords and sovereigns,” before advising himself that the subject was presumably the Duke’s own specialized topic. “You’d suspect as much wouldn’t you,” William answered, with impeccable comic planning.

In evident Melchett style, he allowed a 60-second commencement before the Prince asked: “Coincidentally, have you seen anything great on TV? It’s damnation without EastEnders.”


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