As the world ponders the extraordinary monetary and social difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic that has shaken the whole human race, it must not dismiss the quiet sufferings of the a large number of Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir. They have now been constrained into a stifling ‘twofold lockdown’─ first with the fear of a military attack and now with limitations to forestall the spread of covid-19.

It is difficult to try and envision their agony, nervousness, depression and profound feeling of selling out by those they looked to for salvage. Pakistan the greater part of all. The global network’s quieted reaction to the Kashmiris’ predicament has been similarly disillusioning.

Involved Jammu and Kashmir has been under lockdown since 5 August 2019 when the BJP-drove Modi government singularly renounced Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, finishing self-rule of the contested locale. This stripped Kashmiris of their extraordinary status in outrageous infringement of all UN Security Council Resolutions.

In this season of worldwide lockdown where the world battles to remain inside, sympathy ought to develop for the Kashmiris in the contested Valley who have been under the harshest lockdown for more than eight months now.

The universal campaigners for harmony and security can no longer ignore the explicit maltreatment and constraint in the involved region. Market powers ought not direct insurance of human rights however the standards of global law and social equity. The Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated us the instability of even the mega worldwide markets and how quickly they can disintegrate. So better remain on the correct side of history

As indicated by the Kashmir Media Service, social insurance specialists in IOK dread that it could turn into a covid-19 hotspot as the open human services framework stays ill-equipped and understaffed. The specialist to-tolerant proportion in the valley is low at one specialist for 3,866 patients contrasted with India’s 1 to 2,000. So far more than 400 coronavirus cases have been accounted for in the Valley which is viewed as a gross underestimation. Purportedly there are just 215 ventilators for a populace of roughly 13 million. In the midst of this compassionate emergency, the Indian foundation should be pushed to concentrate on soundness of Kashmiris as opposed to detaching them for political or military reasons.


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