Has a solid portion of idealism at any point been a higher priority than it is at this moment? Television has constantly held an extraordinary spot in our souls, however during lockdown, it’s increased current standards. We will be unable to flee to a sweltering goal with a magnificent sea shore, yet the Too Hot To Handle estate gives all the sun, show, and sentiment you might need. One specific contender has immediately become a fan top pick – not least for his excessively mushy, yet striking, cream move directly off the bat – is David Birtwistle. The London-based PT had a considerable amount of associations while at the estate, just costing the manor a couple of kisses to a great extent, yet what has he been up to since leaving the manor and is there anybody exceptional in his life at this moment? I addressed Birtwistle about his association with Lydia, how he got into the show and how it’s transformed himself since.

So what occurred with Lydia after the show? Did you stay in contact or is there a renewed individual in your life?

Lyds and I are certainly in contact. We talk normally and we saw each other after the show. She holds an extremely exceptional spot in my heart, yet we’re not in a characterized relationship.

We both expected to comprehend what had occurred on the show and coming out of it we’ve kept on talking. I’m happy that I have her in my life.

There was a couple of British young men on the show. Did you keep in contact with Kori and Kelz since leaving the estate?

I thought Kori was somewhat of a liquefy, truth be told. Kori’s not my sort of fellow… He didn’t generally get tied up with the procedure and had no expectation of receiving anything in return. He was only in a difficult situation, be somewhat narrow minded, and consider number one. I didn’t remain in contact with him after the show.

I have seen Kelz since [though], we’ve hung out. We keep in contact and he’s a hero. He assumed a decent job being the ‘bookkeeper’ and holding every one of us under tight restraints. We’re companions which is extremely decent.


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