Troublesome occasions for the secured down individuals Indian managed Jammu and Kashmir (presently re-involved) are not finished. Terrible occasions have quite recently started. The circumstance was diverse until 4 August 2019. We had been raising the human rights circumstance at the United Nations Human Rights Council, already Commission and the Sub Commission. Indian activities of 5 August and 31 October, have tossed Government of Pakistan, Government of Azad Kashmir, the individuals of Kashmir and all others shaky.

Legislature of India is seeking after with meticulousness and strategy, an approach to get the Kashmiri land and settle non State Subjects, so as to hurt the Muslim larger part and the result of any future Plebiscite in Kashmir. In such manner President of India has marked Jammu Kashmir Reorganization Act 2019. Does it mean anything? The appropriate response is accepted yes and by right no.

The State at present capacities as three managerial units. Any such exertion in a piece of Kashmir has no legitimacy. It is a gross infringement of Indian commitments concurred as a part State of UN and as under UN SC Resolutions. India has collided with the individuals of Kashmir, Government of Pakistan and the United Nations.

Vigil expected to check the unlawful doings by the Indian armed force has been absent, even before the activity of 5 August 2019. Indian Government has begun making its moves of affecting the natural surroundings and populace in Kashmir. The Lt. Legislative leader of Kashmir Girish Chandra Murmu (supplanting Governor) has assigned 40 Kanal land for Kendriya Vidyalaya in town Dugmulla – Kupwara and moved 40 Kanal of Land for creating travel convenience for Kashmir Migrant Employees under PM’s bundle in Shopian – Kashmir. It is the start of an evil RSS format to change the demography in Kashmir.


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