Elon Musk and Grimes invited their first youngster into the world on Monday (May 4), and instantly sent Twitter into a furor. Musk uncovered that they had invited a kid, apropos conceived on Star Wars Day, and that “mother and child [are] all great.” Obviously fans needed more deets, and the guardians surely providedby uncovering their infant’s extraordinary name.

Reacting to a fan, Musk said his 6th child’s name is X Æ A-12 Musk. Grimes later affirmed this in an extremely adroit tweet, enumerating the point of view behind it. Each letter represents something important to Grimes (and Musk), including Æ Grimes’ “elven spelling of Ai” which signifies “love and/or Artificial knowledge”, and ‘A’ for Grimes’ main tune ‘Chief heavenly messenger’. “I think it seems like the name of the primary character in the story,” Grimes said reacting to a fan. “I trust he vibes with that.” There’s a likelihood that ‘Æ’ could be a little reference to one of Grimes’ ongoing tunes for the up and coming computer game Cyberpunk 2077, titled ‘4ÆM’.

While many are battling to make sense of how to articulate the potential name (myself included), the Tesla CEO shared a charming pic of him and his new child, just as one with an inked-up channel. “Never unreasonably youthful for some ink haha,” Musk answered to another fan.

Grimes has been truly open about sharing her encounters of pregnancy since she reported it not long ago. In February, the Canadian vocalist talked about her kid’s sexual orientation personality on Twitter, disclosing to fans that she will bolster them in choosing their own “destiny and character.”


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