The Too Hot To Handle gathering dropped provoking prompt discussions about such a significant number of things. What was Harry thinking with that T-shirt and Pop Ring proposition? How hot is the science among Desiree and Kelz? Furthermore, how cumbersome were Rhonda and Sharron? Yet, we were likewise left with a quite unavoidable issue, as well: what is new with Nicole and Bryce precisely?

Gossipy tidbits about the pair being a thing have been whirling throughout recent weeks, however shockingly, have Desiree Burch didn’t recognize it or burrow for answers during the 40-minute exceptional.

The surprising news that Bryce and Nicole were a ‘thing’ began two or three weeks back, when Bryce addressed Entertainment Tonight. During a meeting, he uncovered that the pair had gotten along after the show wrapped.

“Nicole and I have sort of been talking,” he clarified. “She visited Los Angeles and we had a tad of a thing. She’s been making visits and so forth.”

“We have an incredible relationship, Nicole and I. She was anticipating coming out [again] however with this isolate, we’re significant distance actually.” And while the truth star is reluctant to put a name on their relationship presently, he said that “perhaps one day” there could be one.

The couple previously acknowledged there may emotions there in the wake of getting to know each other in Mexico after the show. “We resembled, ‘Goodness, we look great together, don’t we?’ And then from that point it was somewhat similar to, amazing, no doubt, and it sort of developed from that point,” he said.

So what’s the most recent? As referenced, it was somewhat amazing that the couple’s ‘are they, aren’t they?’ vibe wasn’t tended to on the get-together show; truth be told, Nicole didn’t have a one-on-one meeting with Desiree, and Bryce’s was truly fleeting and didn’t talk about Nicole by any stretch of the imagination. He referenced that he believes he has changed since leaving the show as far as done wanting to lay down with the same number of ladies, however nothing about Nicole or done being single.


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