Boris Johnson will address the country from Downing Street on Sunday evening, setting out the subsequent stages in England’s coronavirus reaction.

While No 10 is parting with pretty much nothing, huge numbers of us are searching for refreshes on when youngsters will come back to class, how the administration intends to get the economy going, and how we can remain safe when voyaging and working.

The PM is required to report the dispatch of a ready framework for following coronavirus in England, and to set out a “guide, a menu of choices” – in his words – for how England may start to facilitate the present lockdown.

Mr Johnson has just disclosed another trademark, advising people in general to “remain alert, control the infection, spare lives”.

It merits calling attention to the lockdown has just been reached out for an additional three weeks in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to 28 May.

That is one reason it’s viewed as being impossible Mr Johnson will report prompt adjustments to limitations in England.

Be that as it may, it’s not long until we discover. There will be live inclusion of the location, from 19:00 BST, on BBC One, BBC News channel with gesture based communication mediator, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 5 Live. Or on the other hand, you can watch it here on our live page, with full examination and response as it occurs.

So in light of all that, what would it be a good idea for us to be paying special mind to in Mr Johnson’s discourse?

  1. A report on the five tests

The PM has said a progression of tests must be fulfilled before lockdown measures are balanced.

We’re probably going to hear progressively about them on Sunday – and maybe get a report on progress towards meeting them.


The five tests

Will Boris Johnson update us on the advancement up until this point?

1Making sure NHS can adapt

2A ‘supported and steady’ fall in death rate

3Infection rate diminishes to ‘sensible levels’

4Supply of tests and PPE fulfills future need

5Adjustments don’t hazard a subsequent pinnacle

Source: 10 Downing Street

What is a “reasonable level” of new cases? Is the demise rate falling in a “supported and reliable” way? We’ve a more drawn out clarification of the five tests here.

  1. Notice of the ‘R’ number

Picture copyrightGETTY IMAGES

This is a specialized term for how quick the infection is spreading in the UK.

In the event that the “R” number is one, that implies one individual with the infection passes it to one other individual. Specialists have said “R” is at present at or underneath one in the UK – and keeping it there is the point.

Mr Johnson could clarify which changes hazard expanding “R” over one, and which don’t.


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