Moisés Escamilla May, a famous Mexican group pioneer, has kicked the bucket in jail subsequent to contracting coronavirus.

Escamilla, 45, was the pioneer of a gathering inside the dreaded criminal cartel Los Zetas.

He was carrying out a 37-year punishment for sorted out wrongdoing, remembering his job for the beheading of 12 individuals in Yucatán.

More than 3,450 have passed on with Covid-19 in Mexico, as per a count by Johns Hopkins University.

Who was Moisés Escamilla?

Moisés Escamilla May, otherwise called Gordo May (Fat May), drove a gathering calling itself “Old School Zetas”, which shaped piece of the Los Zetas criminal cartel.

He was the fundamental provider of cocaine in Cancún, carrying it by means of sea courses from Central America into the well known sea shore resort.

He likewise ran a system of sources which included individuals from the neighborhood police power.

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At the point when he was captured in 2008 alongside eight of his men, his gathering was viewed as the most grounded criminal association in the Cancún zone.

He was seen as an exceptionally hazardous prisoner and when he passed on was being held at the Puente Grande most extreme security jail in Jalisco state.

He created respiratory issues on 6 May and kicked the bucket two days after the fact, yet specialists just made his passing open on Sunday.

How severely hit is Mexico by coronavirus?

As indicated by the count kept by Johns Hopkins University, Mexico has in excess of 35,000 affirmed instances of coronavirus and 3,465 passings.

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That figure is a lot of lower than that of its northern neighbor, the US, which has the most noteworthy number of affirmed contaminations anyplace on the planet at more than 1.3 million.

In any case, numerous in Mexico dread that a low degree of testing implies the genuine number of cases could be a lot higher.


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