This post is refreshed routinely to mirror the most recent news around the new coronavirus, otherwise called COVID-19, in the UK.

Under past lockdown rules, individuals in the UK were not allowed to get together with companions or family. From May 13, two individuals from various family units will have the option to meet in open air settings –, for example, parks – as long as they watch social separating rules. In any case, what do the new lockdown rules mean for the old and is it safe to visit your grandparents? This is what we know up until this point.

What does the new government technique state about gathering loved ones?

On May 10, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tended to the country to clarify the nation’s new COVID-19 lockdown measures and how they are going to straightforwardness and change in the coming weeks. Our capacity to meet loved ones will no uncertainty come as a colossal alleviation to many, yet the principles are less clear with regards to grandparents and the old.

SAGE, the Government’s logical counselors, have said that the danger of disease outside is essentially lower than inside; henceforth why facilitating lockdown measures determine meeting outside. This, be that as it may, is contingent. You can’t get together with more than one individual from outside your family, and must consent to social removing rules. Higher fines will be forced on people who disrupt social separating guidelines, the legislature affirmed.

Under these new rules, and as announced by The Telegraph, individuals will have the option to meet their grandparents exclusively, yet not together as of May 13.

Outside Secretary Dominic Raab experienced harsh criticism for his clashing counsel on the issue on May 11. At the point when gotten some information about that counsel on BBC Breakfast, Mr Raab stated: “As long as you leave home, for the recreation center, for work out, whatever it might be, you can go with individuals from your own family. In case you’re out in the recreation center and you’re 2m separated… furthermore, utilize some presence of mind and you socially-separation, you can get together with others.”


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