It’s the radio upset of the lockdown.

At the point when the moderator of a Dublin breakfast program learned Hollywood entertainer Matt Damon was in isolate in the well-to-do suburb of Dalkey, he went through about a month and a half vigorously crusading for a meeting.

It was never a genuine solicitation however, conceded Nathan O’Reilly.

So he and co-have Graham O’Toole were dazed when Damon’s colleague called for the current week to ask when he could go on air.

‘I’m going to hurl’

Mr O’Reilly told the BBC’s Good Morning Ulster program he and his co-have at first idea it was a trick.

“He stated: ‘Folks, Matt has been tuning in to the show. He needs to come on.’

“I took a gander at Graham and stated: ‘Are you tricking me?’ And then Graham thought I was tricking him.”

However, when the An audience did without a doubt bring in to SPIN 1038 by means of video-connect on Wednesday morning, Mr O’Reilly acknowledged it was no trick, and told the entertainer: “I sense that I’m going to hurl.”

“I was simply tossing words at Matt,” he said of his meeting method.

“I realized Matt Damon was in Dalkey, however I never expected we would get him on the show.”

He portrayed the meeting as “the great story of the tall man with the fantasy”.

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Mr O’Reilly clarified that he previously heard Damon had flown into Dublin with his better half, Luciana Barrosa, and their kids toward the beginning of March to film Ridley Scott’s new film The Last Duel.

Very quickly, creation was closed down under Covid-19 limitations and the on-screen character and his family have been living in Formula 1 star Eddie Irvine’s home from that point onward.

‘Not going to occur’

Mr O’Reilly knew about individuals from the open who had spotted or met Damon and welcomed them on his show.

“I began getting individuals on the show who had met Matt Damon either running, in a recreation center, or seeing him swim, however all the narratives were not driving us any closer, they were simply intriguing stories,” he said.

“We did it for about a month and a half and afterward I acknowledged thrashing. I stated: ‘It won’t occur.'”

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Dalkey is one of Ireland’s most wealthy regions

At the point when he did at last bring in, Damon told the moderators he had heard the intrigue while driving in Dublin a month back.


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