In April, it was uncovered that Matt Damon has been ’embraced’ by an Irish town during lockdown after a film he was recording there got shut down. The star and his family have since been detaching in Dalkey, the adorable ocean side goal, of which the inhabitants have gotten defensive over their new prominent occupant. What’s more, in another meeting with an Irish radio broadcast, Damon has at long last stood in opposition to what it’s been similar to for him and his family there — and, spoiler alert, he’s thoroughly adoring it.

Neighborhood radio hosts Graham O’Toole and Nathan O’Reilly of Spin 1038 radio had been attempting to get hold of Damon for some time currently, so as to discover what life in Dalkey had been similar to for him. At the point when Damon himself at last rang them up to give an unexpected meeting, O’Reilly could scarcely contain his energy, expressing: “look, Matt, I sincerely feel like I’m going to hurl… this was a long excursion in attempting to follow you down.” Damon uncovered he had been tuning in to the couple each time he was in the vehicle, and was trusting that their number will come up so he could get in contact.

Damon and his family came to Dalkey in mid-March, as he was set to movie another medieval show film called The Last Duel, coordinated by Ridley Scott. And keeping in mind that it may not be home, the family have discovered that the town has held onto the star as their own, in any event, shielding him from Facebook bunches which were uncovering data about his whereabouts.

“The Dalkey individuals have secured you like a superb diamond,” O’Reilly told Damon on air, before O’Toole included that “a New York Times writer additionally attempted to invade Dalkey,” and that inhabitants “stated, ‘No chance. We are giving you no data on our prized ownership, Matt Damon.'”


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