This post is refreshed routinely to mirror the most recent news and science around the new coronavirus, otherwise called COVID-19, in the UK.

As instances of COVID-19 keep on expanding the world over, the most recent data can be hard to monitor. Along these lines, here’s our asset of what’s going on with coronavirus in the UK.

To recap, COVID-19 is another sickness from a group of infections called coronavirus. It began from creatures and the main human cases were noted in the Chinese city of Wuhan toward the finish of 2019, with the primary passing recorded on January 9, 2020. The infection spread through human-to-human transmission to different nations, with the World Health Organization arranging it as a “pandemic” on March 11.

With side effects including a hack, fever, exhaustion and windedness, the UK government exhort that COVID-19 will be reasonable for certain victims, yet can prompt progressively genuine conditions for older individuals or those with hidden wellbeing conditions. Right now, there is no particular treatment for COVID-19, yet work to discover an immunization is in progress.

What number of People Have Been Diagnosed With Coronavirus In The UK?

As of May 13, in excess of 229,705 individuals have tried positive for COVID-19 in the UK, with as much as 33,000 passings from the ailment. These figures keep on ascending consistently.

Around the world, in excess of 4 million instances of COVID-19 have been affirmed, per the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC), and the infection has executed more than 297,000 individuals.

What Is The UK Government Doing About The Coronavirus?

The UK entered an across the nation lockdown on March 24, 2020. This included the covering of unimportant organizations, for example, retail locations, bars, and cafés and UK inhabitants being approached to remain inside with the exception of under constrained conditions.


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