Five months into 2020 and right now it feels like a lifetime. Consistently brings another flood of awful news and a significant number of us have put some distance between what precisely is going on in the battle against coronavirus. Fortunately, Charlie Brooker’s fresh out of the plastic new show Antiviral Wipe is going to update you right, breaking down each significant occasion from the flare-up of the pandemic right up to “Remain Alert” period we wind up in now.

As the man credited with foreseeing the present emergency and a spot hand at tragic fiction, Brooker is well-prepared to take us through the course of events of COVID-19. Also, Antiviral Wipe is made all the all the more engaging gratitude to the incidental appearance of Brooker’s better half: Blue Peter veteran and all-round top TV darling Konnie Huq.

With such a great amount of stuffed into 45 minutes, it’s difficult to pick features from Antiviral Wipe, yet here are the minutes I’ll be discussing for a considerable length of time to come.

  1. Brooker On Brexit

Before the sequence of media reports got overwhelmed by COVID-19, the UK was distracted with formally leaving the European Union. In one of the show’s most shrewd minutes, Brooker depicts the Catch 22 ‘leave’ voters may now wind up in, “at long last ready to exile incompetent specialists like organic product pickers, conveyance drivers, carers, and every one of those others we don’t require and unquestionably won’t ever remain outside our homes to cheer a long time from now.”


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