The wanton killings of 24 ladies, kids and children at a clinic in the Afghan capital were sufficiently horrendous.

In any case, as Frederic Bonnot cleared his path through the slug perplexed maternity unit, he understood something else.

Cautioning: Readers may discover subtleties in this story upsetting

The assailants had strolled straight past various different wards, all closer to the passage of Kabul’s Dasht-e-Barchi clinic, and made straight for the maternity unit.

To him, it implied a certain something: this was no mix-up.

“What I found in the maternity shows it was a methodical shooting of the moms,” Bonnot, Head of Programs for Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Afghanistan, said. “They experienced the rooms in the maternity, shooting ladies in their beds. It was systematic.

“They came to murder the moms.”


Amina was only two hours old when the assault began.

The young lady was the third youngster for Bibi Nazia and her better half, Rafiullah. Back at home, they previously had a young lady and a kid.

Nazia had gone to the clinic with her mom, and Amina was conceived at 08:00.

It ought to have been a day of festivity for Rafiullah. Be that as it may, at 10:00, the assault started. Blasts were heard by individuals outside the medical clinic complex. Those with loved ones inside raced to the scene – including Rafiullah.

“He ran from side to side. In any case, he was unable to do anything: nobody permitted him to head inside,” his cousin Hamidullah Hamidi revealed to BBC Pashto.

Media captionNineteen babies are being thought about at the Ataturk Children’s Hospital

Inside the dividers of the emergency clinic, three shooters were traveling through the 55-bed maternity unit, which has been controlled by MSF since 2014.


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