The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we live. What was standard only a few months prior appears to be practically unrecognizable.

We approached you for the last “typical” photograph you had on your telephone, and many you answered. Here are 13 pictures from before we needed to grapple with lockdowns and social removing.

You can tag your own photographs web based utilizing the hashtag #lastnormalphoto

Our wedding – Tom Archer

Picture copyrightTOM ARCHER

We went through two years arranging our wedding in Austria.

I passed out through France and Germany in a campervan, with the world shutting down around me, not knowing whether we could proceed with it.

On the Friday night as our visitors showed up, Austria reported they would close down from Sunday. On Saturday 14 March we wedded, and on the Sunday we were accompanied from the hotel back to the air terminal.

We had a few visitors who didn’t make it to the wedding, however it was a completely astounding day. Taking a gander at the photos now is thoroughly stunning.

Two of my mates were taking the campervan back. They got similar to Germany, and afterward Germany bolted the outskirts. They left it there and flew home.

So the campervan with the wedding cake inside is still in a Munich vehicle leave.

The last time I saw my sweetheart – Francesca Payne

Picture copyrightFRANCESCA PAYNE

This was the last photograph I took of my sweetheart before we went into lockdown independently. We both live with our folks so we aren’t together and I haven’t seen him in weeks.

It was the Saturday before the lockdown was declared. We realized what was going to occur so we had a couple of beverages and played air hockey together at his home in Hampshire before we went separate ways. We have a custom of playing air hockey constantly – it’s our main event on our Saturday evenings.

I really didn’t foresee being ceaselessly from him for such a long time. I’ve never spent in excess of a couple of days without him so this is hard, however we know it’s for our own and every other person’s wellbeing.

We send an image of ourselves to one another consistently as a little update, so we remember what each other resembles.

I can hardly wait to see him once more.


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