In spite of a long fringe with China and a populace of 97 million individuals, Vietnam has recorded just barely more than 300 instances of Covid-19 on its dirt and not a solitary passing.

About a month has gone since its last network transmission and the nation is now beginning to open up.

Specialists state that not at all like different nations presently observing contaminations and passings for an immense scope, Vietnam saw a little window to act at an opportune time and utilized it completely.

Be that as it may, however financially savvy, its nosy and work escalated approach has its disadvantages and specialists state it might be past the point of no return for most different nations to gain from its prosperity.

‘Extraordinary yet reasonable’ measures

“At the point when you’re managing these sorts of obscure novel conceivably perilous pathogens, it’s smarter to blow up,” says Dr Todd Pollack of Harvard’s Partnership for Health Advancement in Vietnam in Hanoi.

Perceiving that its clinical framework would before long become overpowered by even mellow spread of the infection, Vietnam rather picked avoidance early, and for an enormous scope.

By early January, before it had any affirmed cases, Vietnam’s administration was starting “exceptional activity” to get ready for this puzzling new pneumonia which had by then executed two individuals in Wuhan.

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At the point when the main infection case was affirmed on 23 January – a man who had ventured out from Wuhan to visit his child in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam’s crisis plan was in real life.

“It incredibly, immediately acted in manners which appeared to be very extraordinary at that point yet were hence demonstrated to be somewhat reasonable,” says Prof Guy Thwaites, chief of Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) in Ho Chi Minh City, which works with the legislature on its irresistible sickness programs.

Vietnam established estimates different nations would take a very long time to proceed onward, acquiring travel limitations, intently observing and in the long run shutting the fringe with China and expanding wellbeing checks at outskirts and other defenseless places.

Schools were shut for the Lunar New Year occasion toward the finish of January and stayed shut until mid-May. A tremendous and work serious contact following activity got going.

“This is a nation that has managed a ton of episodes before,” says Prof Thwaites, from Sars in 2003 to avian flu in 2010 and huge flare-ups of measles and dengue.


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