“We simply don’t care for you.”

“You’re not our kind of individuals.”

Envision being isolated with your main foe. It sounds a long way from engaging, isn’t that so?

However in a lavish inn on Australia’s Gold Coast, it’s a terrible reality for two Australian guidelines football clubs – for in any event the following seven weeks.

Port Adelaide, who are known as the Magpies, and Adelaide, who are nicknamed the Crows, have been set up for a similar hotel as Australian Football League (AFL) groups go into lockdown in a bio-secure “center point” in anticipation of the new season.

Travel and isolate limitations keep them from disengaging in their own state, so both will travel north for their shut preparing camps.

The sides – the AFL’s two clubs from South Australia – are known for their surly challenges both on and off the field of play, broadly fighting outside a lodging the morning after a match in 2002.

Things being what they are, is lodging such unpleasant opponents together the most shrewd choice?

“We have huge regard for the group, for the Crows, totally colossal regard. In any case, we simply don’t care for you,” Port Adelaide administrator David Koch said.

“We’re so unique. For what reason would it be advisable for us to need to go through about two months in a similar lodging?

“We eat Balfour’s meat pies and you eat quiche … also, you all beverage chardonnay. You’re not our kind of individuals.”

Port mentor Ken Hinkley included that it didn’t “exactly feel right”.

“We are most despised adversaries … it doesn’t bode well to assemble them,” he said.

“We have these incredible matches, these extraordinary battles, and we will go into a place and be all pals? I don’t know about that.”

Be that as it may, the Crows, it shows up, aren’t that worried about the circumstance.

“We cross the white line, at that point she’s on,” said mentor Matthew Nicks.

“Be that as it may, I know a great deal of our South Australian folks, they realize each other truly well. Offering an inn to Port Adelaide, I have no issue. I know a ton of them well.


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