The completion of Sally Rooney’s Normal People can’t resist the urge to leave you in tears. The will-they-won’t-they couple we’ve been pulling for from the start have at last met up – possibly to be destroyed again when Connell gets a proposal to concentrate in a city a large number of miles from Marianne. What’s more, what befalls their relationship after that has stayed a secret to perusers. Or then again so we thought. It turns out Rooney may have really uncovered what happens to Marianne and Connell after Normal People closes and the appropriate response has been sitting right in front of us since 2016.

Close by composing two extraordinarily effective books and co-composing the with adjustment of Normal People for the BBC and Hulu, Rooney has additionally discharged various short stories in magazines and artistic diaries throughout the years. It was in The White Review that Rooney wrote an exposition that may go some approach to disclosing what happened to Marianne and Connell after we leave them.

At The Clinic recounts to the narrative of 23-year-old Marianne going to get her astuteness teeth evacuated. Connell, likewise 23, is driving her there. Exactly as expected, both of them are both are seeing others while clutching the association they have with each other. Things being what they are, does this mean they’ve separated again after we leave them in Normal People? We should take a gander at the timetable.

Toward the finish of Normal People, Marianne and Connell have quite recently moved on from four years at Trinity University in Dublin, which means we can accept they are somewhere close to 22 and 23 years of age. So the scene we see in At The Clinic likely could be set after the book’s closure. It appears the two of them despite everything living in college burrows, as there’s notice of Connell’s flatmate Barry (a forerunner for Niall maybe?). Other than that, it’s difficult to work out the setting of this scene.


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