At the point when you’ve been tuning into Love Island consistently for anyway numerous weeks, the ceaseless dramatization will in general eclipse the show’s fundamental reason: a lot of singletons hoping to locate their ideal match. And keeping in mind that course of genuine romance absolutely doesn’t run smooth in the manor, the Love Island couples that are still attached demonstrate how, every so often, the show can do some incredible things.

Dissimilar to other dating appears, with regards to coupling up on Love Island, there’s no science included and no matchmaking specialists to offer exhortation. Hopefuls choose pretty instinctually who their sort is on paper, and now and again it can turn out badly. I mean who can overlook the Rosie-Adam adventure of 2018? Or on the other hand all the frogs Camilla needed to kiss before discovering her Prince Charming? What’s more, TBH I don’t figure anybody will ever recoup from the Jordan-breaking on-with-India before Anna’s-eye occurrence.

In any case, notwithstanding all the coupling ups that turned out badly, some were a match made in paradise. Truth be told, Love Island has really succeeded a bunch of times in creating durable connections, relationships, and even children.

Along these lines, in light of that, here are six Love Island couples that are as yet going solid long after their time in the estate.


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