Regardless of whether you’ve been a no-nonsense Harry Styles stan since the very beginning or you’re only here for his new collection, the “Watermelon Sugar” video he dropped yesterday (May 18) is the chic, brilliant, and feel great dream we as a whole need at this moment. Also, presently we’re all edgy to know where “Watermelon Sugar” was shot, as it would appear that the ideal post-lockdown vacay spot.

“Watermelon Sugar” opens with Styles strolling to sit at a table on a stretch of sand going to fold into what resembles an epic breakfast. We’ve since discovered that the sea shore being referred to was in actuality situated in Malibu – yet that is not where the story closes.

Practically when the video dropped, devoted Directioners perceived the setting from One Directions’ first music video “What Makes You Beautiful”, which dropped in 2011. Is this a gesture back to his boyband days? A contacting tribute? Or on the other hand perhaps an indication about a potential gathering? Fans need answers.

While the area is an enormous return to the beginning of Styles’ vocation, it’s by all account not the only easter egg in the video. In the initial shot, the table Styles sits at is secured with an orange decorative liner. Ever the craftsman, orange has appeared to follow Harry all through his work. Most as of late, in his “Venerate You” video, Styles cruises from the anecdotal island of Eroda on a boat with orange sails.


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