As lockdown limitations keep on changing our lifestyle, rehearsing Muslims around the globe are watching Ramadan in an altogether new manner. Be that as it may, in spite of Mosques being shut and family social gatherings being required to be postponed, the period of fasting, reflection, and noble cause is a long way from dropped, and BBC Three’s new demonstrate My Mate’s A Muslim expects to reveal insight into how individuals are watching this significant strict occasion during lockdown.

In the new show, which is as of now accessible to stream on iPlayer, YouTuber and influencer Rumena Begum, alongside rapper Krept challenge their mates Kritikal and Olivia to participate in a day of no eating and drinking to assist them with finding out about the genuine experience of Ramadan. True to form, the two companions before long think that its not as simple as they expected, particularly considering they can’t go out to occupy themselves.

My Mate’s A Muslim shows the day by day supplications, the self-reflection, the unavoidable stomach thunders, and the inevitable breaking the quick that Muslims experience each day during Ramadan. It’s a reviving, light, and enlightening approach to become familiar with this significant occasion.

I found Rumena over video talk to about how her period of fasting is going up until now and what she would have liked to accomplish by participating in My Mate’s A Muslim. An influencer with a huge number of supporters over her different stages, Rumena reveals to me why she is eager to share the Ramadan involvement in another crowd.

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On Observing Ramadan and Celebrating Eid During Quarantine

“I can’t be with my loved ones at this moment. We can’t go out and eat together and break our quick together. Me and my family would for the most part hold a foundation slow down consistently, where we offer bits and weaves to our clients and get different brands included. We get all that cash together and give it halfway houses, schools, and food banks. So that tossed me a tad since I appreciate doing that each Ramadan — likewise being occupied I didn’t feel the appetite so much! Rather, I have been at home being profitable, imploring, perusing, and planning dishes in the house.


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