Police have captured a man associated with murdering two young ladies in Pakistan, after a video wherein a man is seen kissing them turned into a web sensation via web-based networking media.

Muhammad Aslam is associated with shooting the pair, matured 18 and 16, who were his cousins.

The man in the video, the proprietor of the telephone it was recorded on, and family members of the ladies are likewise in guardianship.

Rights bunch say brutality against ladies stays a significant issue in Pakistan.

They were killed a week ago in the town of Shamplan, in Garyom area on the fringe of North and South Waziristan inborn regions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region.

The territory is a socially preservationist remote locale, where inborn law is frequently maintained over government law.

Activists accept around 1,000 such purported “respect executing” murders – for saw offenses of social codes – are completed the nation over consistently.

For what reason do families murder their little girls?

‘Respect executing’ informant shot dead

Following the life of a lady ‘slaughtered for respect’

The Pakistani lady who endure ‘respect’ murdering

The 52-second long video was allegedly shot about a year prior, however turned into a web sensation half a month back.

In the video, seen by the BBC, Umer Ayaz, 28, is found in an isolated territory outside with three hidden ladies, two of whom he at that point kisses. He has been captured and accused of making the “revolting” video cut.

He is accepted to be hitched with two youngsters.

The third young lady, who isn’t kissed in the video, is the spouse of the presumed executioner as indicated by police. She is accepted to be sequestered from everything.

Fida Wazir, whose telephone was utilized to make the video, has likewise been captured – associated with spreading the video via web-based networking media.

The dad of one casualty and the sibling of the other are additionally in police authority for neglecting to report the killings and disguising proof.


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