There is nothing very as baffling as rewatching a great film from youth just to acknowledge it was, well, poop. Or on the other hand more terrible still, that it’s matured seriously. Fortunately for aficionados of The Parent Trap, neither of these portrayals apply. You may even say it’s matured well, similar to the fine wines that you’re getting a charge out of an entire bundle recently. So imagine a scenario in which I said that chief Nancy Meyers alluded to a potential get-together of The Parent Trap.

Indeed, it blew my mind as well, it appears as though we ought to be prepared for something supernatural. Doubly mystical, maybe, on the grounds that the second most well known twins ever (close second to Romulus and Remus) may be getting back in the business. Before you do a spit take and shout “SEQUEL?!”, while going after both the Oreos and the nutty spread (™ Hallie and Annie), it’s certainly not a spin-off.

Meyers, who coordinated the Disney great, shared an image of her and Lindsay Lohan on set during the creation of Parent Trap in 1998. The image’s subtitle was an all out bother: “I have some #ParentTrap news to share one week from now,” she said. Including “#ItsGoingToBeFun. (Not a continuation. Sorry!)”

What the hell does this mean? A reboot? A prequel? Or then again is it only a darn Zoom call and this complain has been in vain?


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