A 72-year-elderly person has been wounded to death by his child in New York state during a Zoom video talk with 20 different members, police say.

Dwight Powers was assaulted by his 32-year-old child, Thomas Scully-Powers, who at that point leaped out of a window and fled in Long Island’s Amityville town.

He was held inside an hour after talk visitors had called the police. The rationale of the assault was not yet clear.

Mr Scully-Powers was later accused of second-degree murder.

In an announcement, Suffolk County police said additional data would be given once the suspect, who supported minor wounds, was dealt with and released from emergency clinic.

Police said it had been alarmed of the occurrence on Thursday evening after a few of the talk’s members saw the man fall, yet that it set aside some effort for them to find the house in light of the fact that the visitors didn’t have the foggiest idea where Mr Powers lived.

A portion of the individuals may have seen the assault, reports said. It was not satisfactory what sort of meeting was being held.


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