A TikTok video planned to urge individuals to help the poor had a unintended outcome when it prevailing with regards to rejoining a man with his family.

R Venkateshwarlu, who had been absent for a long time, was found in the video recorded under a flyover 2,000km (1,242 miles) away from his home in Telangana.

A companion cautioned the family who at that point reached police in the northern territory of Punjab to help rejoin them.

“I burst into tears when I initially observed him,” his child disclosed to BBC Telugu.

How could he disappear?

R Venkateshwarlu, who has hearing and discourse troubles, had carried on with for his entire life in a town in the southern province of Telangana. He has a spouse and five youngsters and was utilized as a worker.

In April 2018, he boarded a truck to go to another town for work.

“My dad nodded off and the truck driver didn’t realize he was there. A few kilometers later, the driver understood my dad was in the truck thus he dropped him off on the widely appealing and left him there,” his child, R Peddiraju, told the BBC.

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The family were brought together following two years

Alone on a new street, Mr Venkateshwarlu would have liked to catch a ride home, and in the long run found another truck ready to give him a ride. Be that as it may, numerous hours after the fact, he understood the vehicle was going the other way.

That driver dropped him off in Ludhiana, an enormous mechanical city far away in the northern province of Punjab. Mr Venkateshwarlu wound up living on food gifts from local people. His correspondence issues were exacerbated by the reality he doesn’t get Punjabi.

His family, then, attempted to discover him with the assistance of neighborhood police in Telangana – however experienced a mental blackout.


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