One of the world’s most established containers of Cognac has been sold in an online closeout for £118,580.

The soul goes back to 1762 and has been put away in a family basement for as far back as 140 years. It should even now taste great, Sotheby’s sale house said.

The jug was purchased by a private authority in Asia and has established a precedent for the most costly jug of Cognac sold at closeout, Sotheby’s additional.

It is one of just three jugs of the uncommon Gautier Cognac still in presence.

Of the two other littler jugs, one is in a historical center in France and the other was sold at closeout in New York in 2014 for about £48,000, Sotheby’s said.

Much like champagne, just liquor made in the French locale of Cognac can hold up under the lofty name.

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The bartering house’s spirits pro, Jonny Fowle, said in the approach the deal that the 258-year-old jug should even now taste great.

He said the state of the jug was “great” and there had been little dissipation.

“We can expect the liquor level in it is really high and that would have gone about as an additive for a long time. The fluid in the container would have kept up its character,” he included.

“However, I’ve not been fortunate enough to taste it.”


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