The UK could offer British National (Overseas) visa holders in Hong Kong a way to UK citizenship if China doesn’t suspend plans for a security law in the domain, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says.

It comes after China’s parliament sponsored suggestion that would make it a wrongdoing to subvert Beijing’s position.

There are fears the enactment could end Hong Kong’s extraordinary status.

China said it claimed all authority to take “countermeasures” against the UK.

Outside service representative Zhao Lijian said the UK and China had concurred that holders of British National (Overseas) – or BNO – identification ought not appreciate UK residency.

“All such BNO visa holders are Chinese nationals and if the UK demands changing this training it won’t just disregard its own position yet in addition universal law,” he included.

There are 300,000 BNO identification holders in Hong Kong who reserve the option to visit the UK for as long as a half year without a visa.

China’s new law: Why is Hong Kong stressed?

How is Hong Kong run?

Mr Raab’s announcement came after the UK, US, Australia and Canada gave joint judgment of Beijing’s arrangement, saying forcing the security law would sabotage the “one nation, two frameworks” system concurred before Hong Kong was given over from British to Chinese standard in 1997.

The structure ensured Hong Kong some self-rule and managed rights and opportunities that don’t exist in terrain China.

China has dismissed remote analysis of the proposed law, which could be in power as right on time as the finish of June.

Li Zhanshu, administrator of the parliamentary board of trustees that will presently draft the law, said it was “in accordance with the essential interests of every single Chinese individuals, including Hong Kong countrymen”.

What did Raab say?

English National (Overseas) visas were given to individuals in Hong Kong by the UK before the exchange of the domain to Chinese sway in 1997.

Reporting the conceivable change in arrangement, Mr Raab said the half year limit on remains in the UK for BNO holders would be rejected.

“In the event that China proceeds down this way and actualizes this national security enactment, we will evacuate that half year constrain and permit those BNO visa holders to go to the UK and to apply to work and study for extendable times of a year and that will itself give a pathway to future citizenship,” he said.

The BBC’s strategic journalist James Landale says that in Beijing probably wouldn’t fret if some master majority rules system campaigners getaway to the UK, however the trip of gifted riches makers would be of concern.

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Mr Raab says time restrains on visits by Hong Kong BNO holders could be rejected

A few MPs need the UK to go further and offer programmed citizenship. Moderate MP Tom Tugendhat, director of the outside issues select board of trustees, said BNO holders ought to have a programmed option to live and work in the UK.


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