England will change its movement rules and offer a great many individuals in Hong Kong “a course to citizenship” if China forces new security laws, Boris Johnson has said.

Writing in the Times, Mr Johnson said the UK would “must choose between limited options” however to maintain its binds with the domain.

China is confronting mounting analysis over its arranged law.

Numerous individuals in Hong Kong dread it could end their exceptional opportunities, which the remainder of China doesn’t have.

China’s new law: Why is Hong Kong stressed?

The UK is now in converses with partners including the US and Australia about what to do if China forces the new law – which would make it a wrongdoing to subvert Beijing’s position – and individuals begin escaping Hong Kong.

In the Times on Wednesday, the PM affirmed that if China passes the law, individuals in Hong Kong who hold British National (Overseas) (BNO) international IDs will be permitted to go to the UK for a year without a visa. Presently they are permitted to desire a half year.

Around 350,000 individuals in Hong Kong as of now as of now have a BNO identification, yet 2.6 million others are likewise qualified.

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Another flood of fights have occurred in Hong Kong over the national security law

Visa holders would likewise be given further movement rights, including the option to work.

This “could put them on a course to citizenship,” Mr Johnson said.

Progressively about the BNO identification and what could change

‘England won’t leave’

The leader included that the migration changes “would add up to perhaps the greatest change in our visa framework in British history”.

“In the event that it demonstrates important, the British government will make this stride and take it eagerly.

“Numerous individuals in Hong Kong dread their lifestyle, which China promised to maintain, is under danger.

“On the off chance that China continues to legitimize their feelings of dread, at that point Britain couldn’t in great still, small voice shrug our shoulders and leave; rather we will respect our commitments and give another option.”


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