Without precedent for present day Swedish history, an ex-represetative has gone being investigated and faces a potential prison term.

Anna Lindstedt is blamed for going past her dispatch by holding unapproved converses with a remote capacity to pick up the arrival of a Chinese-brought into the world Swedish resident.

Gui Minhai, a Hong Kong book retailer, was later imprisoned by China for “illicitly giving insight abroad”.

The examiner said Ms Lindstedt had put relations with China in danger.

Sweden reviews China agent over ‘bargain’

China correctional facilities Hong Kong book shop for a long time

Chinese media assault Sweden over book retailer

She had acted infringing upon Swedish international strategy by organizing the exchanges, he told the court on Friday.

The previous minister’s protection legal counselor told the court in Stockholm she denied the charges.

What is the ex-minister blamed for doing?

In February 2019 Anna Lindstedt was reviewed from China as minister after she was blamed for facilitating an unapproved meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm between Gui Minhai’s little girl, Angela Gui, and two Chinese businesspeople said to have associations with the Chinese Communist Party.

Before the gathering Ms Gui had been battling for her dad’s discharge, and afterward said she had been welcome to the gathering by Ms Lindstedt, who advised her “there were some agents she thought could help, and that they needed to meet me in Stockholm”.

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Mr Gui was a co-proprietor of Causeway Bay Books, which sold books considered by the Chinese to be politically bothersome

She affirmed that during a gathering more than two days one of the businesspeople had squeezed her to acknowledge an arrangement including a “couple of years” in prison in the event that she quit publicizing her dad’s confinement.

Ms Gui likewise affirmed that the minister had supported the arrangement, cautioning her that if her exposure proceeded, China may “rebuff Sweden”.

What does Lindstedt say?

Anna Lindstedt has denied bad behavior and said nothing openly. In any case, she contends that she messaged the outside service in Stockholm about the gathering and as represetative had proper forces to act.

She likewise denies that the gathering with the two businesspeople comprised converses with China. Examiners state in any event one of them spoke to the Chinese state.

The outside service says it made an impression on her to drop the case however the previous envoy says she never got it.

Twenty-one ex-ministers have safeguarded Ms Lindstedt, contending that she was well inside her command to arrange the gathering and have censured the choice to include Swedish police.


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