An expert rugby association group that set off for an away match on 23 February have still not made it home.

Manuma Samoa left their Pacific island for an away match in Perth, Australia, over 100 days prior.

Yet, on their way home they had to isolate in New Zealand – and were then stuck when their nation of origin shut its outskirts altogether.

In Auckland, the crew lived in a congregation compound for a quarter of a year, with 20 players sharing one room.

In spite of the fact that they are currently back in Samoa, they are part of the way through a fourteen day isolate – players despite everything haven’t seen their families.

“At the point when we showed up in New Zealand it was summer,” the group’s video investigator Hari Junior Narayan tells the BBC. “At the point when we left it was winter.”

Manuma Samoa’s first round of the Global Rapid Rugby season was on 14 March, so the group left Samoa on 23 February.

They had a fourteen day preparing camp in Auckland, played the game in Perth, at that point wanted to fly home by means of Auckland, so as to plan for a home match in Apia on 21 March.

Be that as it may, while the group were playing in Perth, the Samoan government made a declaration.

From 08:00 on 15 March, the legislature stated, anybody heading out to Samoa from one of 33 nations must go through about fourteen days in self-isolate before setting off.

Australia was nation 33 on the rundown.

The crew were permitted to enter New Zealand, and the Auckland compound where they held their pre-coordinate preparing camp was as yet accessible. In any case, that is the place their good karma finished.

On 24 March, the Samoan government declared that, from 26 March, “all global travel to and from Samoa via plane is stopped”. The group couldn’t leave isolate until 30 March.

They were trapped.

Picture copyrightHARI JUNIOR NARAYAN

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The supervisory group, including mentor and World Rugby Hall of Famer Brian Lima (second left), Tuala Pat Leota (focus, arms collapsed) and Hari Junior Narayan (focus, with top)

At the compound, 20 players remained in single beds in a single huge room, while the administration remained in littler rooms.


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