In our arrangement of letters from African journalists, Nigerian author Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani says kids are currently policing their guileless guardians on WhatsApp.

Only a couple of years back, neighborhood humorists had a field day with kids about older Nigerian moms and their indifferent perspectives towards their cell phones.

They required their youngsters’ help to type and send instant messages or sign in to their records and read messages.

What’s more, their continuous reason for missed calls was: “My telephone was in my purse.”

Nowadays, the jokes have moved up to Nigerian moms and their captivation by WhatsApp, the most famous informing application in Africa.

Nigerian comics like Maraji have been making productions about them.

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“My mom spends her whole morning on WhatsApp,” 39-year-old Udo, whose house is in Lagos, let me know.

“All through while she’s having her morning meal and drinking her tea, she’s checking individuals’ announcements and watching recordings.”

‘Applicable messages’

In contrast to Twitter and Instagram, WhatsApp can work in any event, when web associations are touchy, as is frequently the situation in numerous pieces of Nigeria.


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