An Australian kid who was absent for two evenings on a mountainside in close freezing conditions has been discovered sheltered and well, police say.

William Callaghan, a 14-year-old with non-verbal chemical imbalance, got lost during a family stroll at Mount Disappointment, in Victoria, on Monday.

His family had raised worries that his powerlessness to verbally impart may thwart search endeavors.

He was found on Wednesday close to the pinnacle of the mountain.

Rescuers said William had been situated around 10 minutes off a shrub track – he didn’t have his shoes however was wearing tracksuit bottoms and a hooded sweatshirt.

It was not yet known whether William approached food, water or asylum on the mountain, found 80km (50 miles) north of Melbourne. Temperatures had approached 0C in the previous two evenings.

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He gave off an impression of being “amazingly well for the time that he’s been out there”, said Insp Christine Lalor of Victoria Police.

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Groups of volunteers scoured the district

She advised columnists he had been taken to medical clinic for checking, including: “He’s alarm, warm, eating and drinking and he really requested McDonald’s.”

William’s mom, Penny Callaghan, expressed gratitude toward volunteer rescuers and police.

“I can’t envision what he’s been feeling and experiencing and I’m simply so thankful thus assuaged,” she told columnists.


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