Clean President Andrzej Duda has called the advancement of LGBT rights a “belief system” more damaging than socialism, in a crusade discourse.

He is a partner of the decision patriot Law and Justice Party (PiS), and is looking for re-appointment on 28 June.

He said his folks’ age had battled against socialist belief system for a long time and “they didn’t battle for this with the goal that another philosophy would give the idea that is significantly increasingly damaging”.

Pundits state PiS has an enemy of gay plan.

The LGBT rights bunch ILGA-Europe says Poland is the most noticeably awful performing nation in the EU as far as LGBT rights, in a list distributed a month ago.

PiS won a larger part in parliament with a preservationist patriot plan solid on Catholic qualities, including support for conventional families and resistance to gay marriage.

Addressing supporters in Brzeg, southwestern Poland, Mr Duda said “guardians are liable for the sexual training of their youngsters,” and “it isn’t workable for any establishments to meddle in the manner guardians bring up their kids”.

On 10 June he marked a “Family Charter” of political decision proposition, including vows to keep gay couples from wedding or embracing youngsters and to boycott instructing about LGBT issues in schools.

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On Thursday LGBT activists organized a rainbow flashmob outside the presidential royal residence

Strains with EU

Putting LGBT rights activism in a similar class as socialism can be viewed as fiery in Poland, where the counter socialist Solidarity development drove the battle for majority rules system during the 1980s.

Numerous Poles concur with the PiS message that socialism was a remote belief system forced on Poles by the Soviet Union.


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