The man who set up the infamous Medellín tranquilize cartel close by Pablo Escobar has shown up in Germany after his discharge from a US jail.

Carlos Lehder, a 70-year-old Colombian-German national, got known for making a base for medicate pirating on a private island in the Bahamas.

Caught in Colombia in 1987, he was removed to the US and condemned to life in addition to 135 years in prison.

This was decreased after he consented to co-work with the specialists.

Lehder’s little girl, Mónica, revealed to Colombian magazine Semana that he had been determined to have malignant growth and would be dealt with by a German cause as he had no family members in the nation.

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Lehder set up a travel point for tranquilize loaded airplane on the island of Norman’s Cay, 210 miles (340km) off the shoreline of Florida, with the assistance of degenerate nearby authorities.

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The island of Norman’s Cay, seen here in 1988, had a 2km runway for airplane

Lehder was caught by the Colombian specialists at a homestead, purportedly after a hint from Escobar, and removed to the US, which was then driving a battle against tranquilize dealers situated in Colombia.

His prison term was decreased after he affirmed against previous Panamanian pioneer Manuel Noriega, who had close connections with the Medellín cartel and permitted it to dispatch cocaine through Panama. Lehder was then positioned in an observer insurance program in Florida.


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