In the course of the most recent couple of days, urban areas across America have emitted in fights, furious about the passings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery, and putting police ruthlessness and prejudice immovably, and properly, on the worldwide plan. Numerous big names have stood up, loaning their help to Black Lives Matter and sharing significant approaches to help Black individuals at the present time. The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust joined those positions today, saying “the time has come to shout out and stand up.”

The Queens Commonwealth Trust — headed up by Queen Elizabeth, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry — shared a statement by Martin Luther King Jr. through Twitter on the side of activists and dissenters. “Youngsters are crucial voices in the battle against treachery and prejudice the world over,” the post read. “As a worldwide network of youthful pioneers we stand together in quest for decency and a superior path forward. Quiet isn’t a choice. #BlackLivesMatter.”

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust


Youngsters are essential voices in the battle against bad form and bigotry around the globe. As a worldwide network of youthful pioneers we stand together in quest for decency and a superior path forward.

Quietness isn’t an option.#BlackLivesMatter

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5:20 PM – Jun 1, 2020

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In a resulting tweet, The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, which underpins youngsters and pioneers the world over by associating them with coaches and assets, expressed: “We as a whole have the ability to impact positive change. The time has come to make some noise and stand up. Time to have awkward discussions with ourselves and with others. Time to teach ourselves and unlearn. Future time together and assemble a superior future as one. #QCT.”

Working across 54 nations the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust underpins people and undertakings handling issues like neediness, the impacts of environmental change, absence of access to medicinal services and instruction, and employability. Sovereign Harry and Meghan Markle at present fill in as president and VP.


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