A traditionalist Russian minister who denies coronavirus exists has assumed control over a ladies’ cloister forcibly.

Father Sergei Romanov entered the Sredneuralsk religious community outside the city of Yekaterinburg on Tuesday.

The mother unrivaled and a few nuns have left and equipped watchmen are watching the site.

Father Sergei has expressed church specialists “should storm the cloister” in the event that they need him to leave.

Police visited the site on Wednesday however made no captures.

The disputable minister was banned from lecturing in April and afterward deprived of the option to wear a cross in May after he urged the devoted to ignore general wellbeing orders.

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Father Sergei helped found the Sredneuralsk Convent in the mid 2000s, and many supporters have rushed there throughout the years to hear his lessons.

Russian specialists shut houses of worship to admirers on 13 April in the midst of the progressing pandemic, and just revived them this month.

On Thursday authorities announced Russia has affirmed 7,790 new diseases – its least day by day ascend in about a month and a half – carrying the complete recorded cases to 561,091. The official loss of life remains at 7,660, however pundits dread the genuine number is far higher.

What’s going on at the religious community?

Father Sergei has depicted the progressing coronavirus episode as a “pseudo-pandemic” and blamed church pioneers for “working with the heralds of the Antichrist” by shutting holy places.

Subsequent to suspending him in May the Russian Orthodox Church sorted out a clerical court to decide his future.

In any case, at the court meeting on Monday Father Sergei told authorities his still, small voice was intelligible and pronounced they would need to show him out of the Sredneuralsk religious community forcibly. He left the gathering, and on Tuesday held onto control of the site.

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The dubious priest has been restricted from lecturing

Reports recommend a considerable lot of the furnished men presently guarding it are veterans of the continuous clash in eastern Ukraine. Writers are banned, however one columnist from Russian paper Novaya Gazeta figured out how to get inside past the gatekeepers and met Father Sergei.


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