A submerged information link, connecting the US to Hong Kong, looks set to be dismissed by the US government as a result of fears of Chinese information robbery.

The Pacific Light Cable Network, upheld by Google and Facebook, is intended to help web speed and limit.

Yet, a US government board of trustees known as “Group Telecom” has now suggested that the US denies it endorsement.

The choice is another indication of the developing pressure between the US and China, who are in an exchange war.

It would allegedly be the principal such link dismissed by the US on national security grounds.

What is the Pacific Light Cable Network?

Around the globe, there are several undersea links giving web network.

The new link was reported in 2016 as an association between Google, Facebook, and different organizations.

Google said the link would be 12,800 km long (8,000 miles) and would be the “most noteworthy limit trans-Pacific course”.

“At the end of the day, [the cable] will give enough ability to Hong Kong to have 80 million simultaneous HD video phone calls with Los Angeles,” the organization said.

Where are the world’s undersea links?

Facebook web link ‘periphery of Earth’

Eric Schmidt: Huawei occupied with inadmissible acts

The task would likewise have parcels interfacing the US with Taiwan and the Philippines.

The link has been laid, apparently at an expense of “a huge number of dollars”, yet needs endorsement to work.

One of the organizations working with Facebook and Google is the Dr Peng gathering, a Chinese broadband monster.


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