After claims of bad behavior against numerous individuals from the Riverdale cast turned into a web sensation this end of the week, Cole Sprouse prevented charges from claiming rape on Twitter, considering them an endeavor to “unjustifiably drop my cast mates and me.” Fellow Riverdale stars Vanessa Morgan and Lili Reinhart, who were additionally blamed for rape by means of discrete unknown Twitter accounts that have since been erased, retweeted his announcement. KJ Apa, who was additionally blamed for rape in a progression of mysterious tweets on Sunday, still can’t seem to remark. Clamor connected with reps for the on-screen character, however didn’t get a prompt reaction.

On Sunday, June 21, a mysterious Twitter account under the name Victoria — @Victori66680029 — blamed Sprouse for rape at a NYU party in 2013. The record client asserted that they met at the gathering and began being a tease, and in the long run he welcomed her to his room. “When we got to his room he got forceful and pushed me against the bed,” the record guaranteed, “I stood up against him yet he didn’t move.” Bustle connected with Sprouse about this claim, however didn’t get a prompt reaction.

In an announcement on Twitter, Sprouse solidly denied the charges, saying that he “will be working with the correct groups to get to its base.” In a subsequent tweet, he guaranteed that “the occasions point by point were really false,” and safeguarded other cast mates blamed for rape.

Cole M. Sprouse


Prior today myself and three other cast mates were dishonestly blamed for sexual offense by unknown records on twitter. I pay attention to these allegations very, and will be working with the correct groups to get to its foundation. (1)


6:55 AM – Jun 22, 2020

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Cole M. Sprouse


· 12h

Answering to @colesprouse

Dishonest complaints harm survivors of real ambush. Besides, I could never look to quiet anyone. I empower that individuals investigate the allegations themselves, as the occasions nitty gritty were genuinely false. 2

Cole M. Sprouse


This is by all accounts the most recent case in a progression of occurrences trying to unjustifiably drop my cast mates and me.


6:57 AM – Jun 22, 2020

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As indicated by Twitter screen captures, after the charges against Sprouse, three separate unknown Twitter accounts denounced Reinhart, Morgan, and Apa of rape. The since-erased account @Tasha93948576, which posted claims against Reinhart, later retracted, tweeting, “Do you perceive that it is so natural to lie and you all will trust it? Vanessa Morgan and KJ Apa didn’t do jack sh*t. You will think anything.”


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