Ben Higgins’ period of The Bachelor will be the focal point of the June 22 scene of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!, which implies a ton of recognizable countenances are going to return out of the woodwork. This incorporates Amanda Stanton, a candidate from Ben’s Bachelor season who stayed an unmistakable piece of the establishment for quite a long while.

In the wake of getting wiped out on The Bachelor, Amanda showed up on two periods of Bachelor in Paradise. In Season 3, she got drew in to Josh Murray, which finished in an untidy separation later on. She began seeing Robby Hayes in Season 4, which additionally reached an unpleasant conclusion after they attempted to make it last outside of the show. From that point forward, Amanda has stayed away from ever coming back to Paradise and wants to locate her unique somebody in an increasingly conventional manner.

Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean she’s totally disavowed the Bachelor universe. A year ago, Amanda distributed a journal considered Now Accepting Roses that brings a profound plunge into her life previously, during, and after her time on the show.

The Bachelor isn’t the sole focal point of the book, however it gives a fascinating look behind the shade at what Amanda’s experience resembled, including insights regarding why it didn’t work out among her and Josh just as what she suspected of the Season 4 creation shutdown, and Dean’s unbalanced love triangle with Danielle Lombard and Kristina Schulman.

Amanda has likewise stayed in contact with a few individuals from Bachelor Nation, including her ex Ben. “He’s constantly been very sweet to me and kind,” Amanda revealed to Us Weekly during an ongoing scene of their Here for the Right Reasons web recording. “At the point when I was experiencing a separation or when my book came out or my apparel line propelled, he generally, similar to, messages me and says congrats or wishes me an upbeat birthday. So we’ve kept in contact a tad.”


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