Try not to stress Bachelor Nation, for reasons unknown, you didn’t pass up Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes’ mystery wedding. While talking with Chris Harrison on the June 22 scene of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! Senior member and Caelynn uncovered they aren’t really hitched, and clarified the genuine motivation behind why they’ve chosen to wear rings. Gossipy tidbits that the couple — who met on the 2019 period of Bachelor in Paradise — subtly got married initially surfaced back in February, when Dean was spotted wearing a wedding ring in an Instagram Story.

“As I would see it, I needn’t bother with the title of spouse to show the world I’m focused on one individual,” Dean disclosed to Harrison, flaunting the ring he’s been wearing for “the last six or so months.” And while it speaks to his pledge to Caelynn, the Bachelorette alum included that they haven’t lawfully gotten married. “So the way that I’m wearing the ring is demonstrating only that, that I’m focused on Caelynn and just Caelynn. What’s more, that is the reason I’ve worn it.”

Senior member proceeded, “It is anything but a conventional marriage or wedding band… however, it’s our little method of telling the world or the individuals we’re around that we’re focused on one another.” He additionally noticed that Caelynn wears a “fun small ring” too, including, “I believe it’s one of those ameliorating things where you can get up toward the beginning of the day and see your accomplice wearing that ring and know, ‘alright, truly, they realize I’m focused on them and the other way around.'”


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