Before taking on the Snatch Game in Friday’s night’s Drag Race: All Stars scene, the Season 5 sovereigns experienced paparazzi in a TMZ-themed comedy challenge called “SheMZ.” In groups of two (and one of three), they each caricature a mainstream society second that was once put in the sensationalist newspapers, and in the middle of takes, acted like newsroom brothers amusing “Kressley Carson” with the most recent tea in Hollywood. Here’s the breakdown.

Shea Couleé and Alexis Mateo Were “Phony Housewives Of Tuck-a-ho”

In a depiction much the same as their own All Stars relationship, Shea and Alexis played reticent foes taking off on a get-together. When SheMZ appeared and inquired as to whether she was commenced Fake Housewives for being “excessively trashy,” she rose up to uncover that she was “pregnant,” after which Shea stood and uncovered a similar news. They ejected into a squabbling match, pulled pads from one another’s dresses, and well…SheMZ got everything on camera.

Jujubee, Blair St. Clair, and Miz Cracker Spoofed The 2019 College Admissions Scandal

Jujubee simply needed her little girl Blair to get into Drag U, yet she got into prison. The sovereigns were captured for being a piece of a pay off ring supposedly headed by Miz Cracker, who denied any association to SheMz — significantly after Jujubee uncovered Blair’s application with an image of her face altered onto Laganja Estranja’s body. “This demonstrates is that I showed her the key components of drag,” Cracker said. “Charm, uniqueness, nerve, and furthermore photoshop.”

India Ferrah Revealed A Secret Habit

The large news here wasn’t that India took about the entirety of the stock from Mayhem’s store and denied it to SheMZ. The news was that, amidst her refusal, she admitted to being a “licker,” pulled out a doughnut, and got down to business a la Ariana Grande. Pandemonium at that point uncovered that she, as well, was a “licker” and participate.

Every one of the narratives were equivalently indecent, yet at long last, it was Cracker’s exhibition that handled a success. Presently where is the genuine SheMZ and how might I buy in?


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