Hole is no more abnormal to coordinated efforts, having collaborated with any semblance of Rodarte, Telfar, Thakoon, and then some. What’s more, following up of high-style planners who are loaning their eye to the exemplary American brand? Drumroll please… Mr. Kanye West. Truly, Yeezy Gap is occurring.

Reported in a public statement from the brand, the container assortment will be named YZY, which is being advertised with the customary blue Gap square logo (however with marginally messed up edges to cause it to appear like it’s somewhat more liquid than its conventional partner), with the letters YZY in the inside in Gap-driven textual style.

The organization clarified how round trip and natural the association was, sharing, that Kanye worked at a Gap store growing up as a high schooler in Chicago. “We are eager to welcome Kanye back to the Gap family as an innovative visionary,” the retailer included, “expanding on the stylish and accomplishment of his YEEZY image and together characterizing a next-level retail association.”

Kanye West reported the organization on Twitter, stating “YEEZY AND GAP FORM PARTNERSHIP #WESTDAYEVER.” Already, the hashtag is exploding via web-based networking media making it — you got it — the West day ever.

The YEEZY x Gap line will be sold in stores and on the brand’s site in 2021, yet no further word on timing, size range, or what number of cases will be discharged. Hopefully it will incorporate some “terrible” however cool kicks, impartial spandex nuts and bolts, and trimmed utility coats that will make them channel Kim Kardashian West — at Gap costs.


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