Spoilers ahead for each of the three periods of Dark. So you’ve completed the third and last period of Netflix’s generally addictive, most confounding science fiction arrangement, you’re despite everything attempting to keep the show’s contorted sequence straight in your mind? Fortunately, this far reaching timetable of the occasions of Netflix’s Dark will assist you with unraveling the bunch. On the whole, a couple of notes…

The occasions of Dark commencement on June 21, 2019 (the date of Michael Kahnwald’s demise).

Season 1 fundamentally happens five months after the fact, on Nov. 4 (the date of Mikkel Kahnwald’s vanishing) through Nov. 12 of 2019, and the comparing dates in 1953, 1986, and 2052.

Season 2 fundamentally happens seven months after the fact, on June 21 through June 27 of 2020 (the date of the end times), and the comparing dates in 1921, 1954, 1987, and 2053.

Season 3 fundamentally happens three months from that point onward, on Sept. 21 through Sept. 25 of 2020, and the comparing dates in 1888, 1921, 1954, 1987, and 2053.

There are three universes in Dark. They’ll be alluded to here as the Prime world (the underlying scene presented in Season 1), the Mirror world (the equal universe presented in Season 3), and the “Genuine” world (the third world uncovered in the arrangement finale).

If not determined, occasions are occurring in the Prime world.

Occasions in the Mirror world will be indicated in italics.

Occasions in the “Genuine” world will be indicated in intense.

There are three forms of Jonas Kahnwald from the Prime world, and three variants of Martha Nielsen from the Mirror world. They will be alluded to as follows:

Jonas Kahnwald 1: the Jonas spared by Mirror Martha 1 in the last snapshots of Season 2. This Jonas is taken to the Mirror world, imagines The Origin with Mirror Martha, and is murdered presently.

Jonas Kahnwald 2: the Jonas not spared by Mirror Martha and rather looks for spread in the cellar when the end of the world comes. This Jonas never goes to the Mirror world. He stays in the Prime world and in the end becomes Adult Jonas and afterward Adam.

Jonas Kahnwald 3: the Jonas spared by Adam in the arrangement finale. This Jonas blocks Mirror Martha 3 and goes with her to the “Genuine” world to break the circle.


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