All week, a huge number of Russians have been casting a ballot to change their constitution, many utilizing surveying stations set up on tree stumps, leave seats and even vehicle boots.

Mammoth prize draws have helped tempt them to the voting form, with the possibility of winning everything from shopping vouchers to a vehicle or level.

Restriction figures have excused the entire procedure as a sham, extended more than seven days with no appropriate checking or autonomous examination.

In any case, for the Kremlin the alterations are crucial. The vote will make room for Vladimir Putin to remain in power up to 2036, on the off chance that he picks.

Putin’s vision of Russia

Not that the president referenced that in his location to the country in front of the last day of casting a ballot.

“We are deciding in favor of the nation we need to live in… and which we need to hand down to our kids,” Mr Putin pronounced, remaining underneath a mammoth, spooky new sculpture of a Soviet officer, to underline the “devoted” topic that goes through this procedure.


The power of Russia is upheld by our sentiments of certified nationalism… just as regard for our history, culture, language and customs

Vladimir Putin

Russian President

The greatest upgrade of the constitution since 1993, this vote is somewhat about setting down Vladimir Putin’s vision of Russia: explaining the qualities and needs he has built up during two decades in the Kremlin.

“Putin can’t simply say to himself, ‘I have to do everything conceivable to remain in power!’,” contends Tatiana Stanovaya, the head of R.Politik, a political research organization.

Picture inscription

“We’re picking the future today,” peruses this notification in a square of pads, with the word Yes above it

“Individuals attempt to shroud the low things they’re doing inside something progressively affected and positive. So he says rather, ‘I need to make an incredible Russia, and remain in power as well’.”

What are Russians deciding on?

The new constitution incorporates articles advancing devoted instruction, emphasizing the restriction on same-sex marriage and including unequivocal notice of God – all in accordance with the expanding social conservatism of Vladimir Putin’s standard.


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