Nine years after French police found the collections of his better half and four kids covered under the family’s back yard, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès’ whereabouts stay obscure. He is accepted to have last been found in the south of France, where CCTV cameras caught him almost a spending lodging where his vehicle was surrendered in April 2011. Be that as it may, as described in Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries reboot, there have been a few speculations about what befallen the family patriarch, who remains the prime suspect in his family’s homicides. (As indicated by Elle France, De Ligonnes’ sister has kept up that he is guiltless.)

As detailed by The Sun, police accept de Ligonnès may have experienced plastic medical procedure to expect another character and start another life in Scotland. Others have estimated that he kicked the bucket by self destruction in the days following the killings, while investigators have supposedly never precluded that his more distant family individuals have been concealing him in their French nation homes. Specialists additionally looked through underground buckles and surrendered potassium mines in the region of his last locating.

In October 2019, police accepted they’d at long last found de Ligonnès after observers detailed seeing a man looking like him close to a French cloister, per the BBC. Scottish police captured a man accepted to be de Ligonnès as he showed up at Glasgow Airport from Paris, however further character checks affirmed the man was not, truth be told, the speculated criminal.

Every one of these years after the fact, specialists stay persuaded of a certain something: that de Ligonnès was liable for killing his significant other Agnès, 48; his kids, Arthur, 21, Thomas, 18, Anne, 16, and Benoît, 13; and their two canines in what’s been named the “Nantes butcher.” According to the BBC, French investigators have guaranteed he slaughtered his family in an “orderly execution,” shooting two slugs from a quieted weapon at short proximity into their heads. Proof recouped later indicated that he’d acquired a firearm that was a similar model as the homicide weapon in no time before the wrongdoings happened.


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